“A company can have no greater asset than a customer satisfied by a job well done.”

Kevin Coiro

At KBC Construction of North Reading, Massachusetts

Our philosophy is a job should be done right the First Time.

We accomplish this through working closely with our customers keeping an open ear to ensure that

our company ideal of increasing the value, comfort and safety of your home is met.  Through a

combination of superior service, product and expert craftsmanship we custom tailor each job

to the homeowner’s needs. As a small, family owned business,

we like to give every job that personal attention that shows our dedication.

At KBC, we want the quality of our work to show not only now, but years from now. 

Too many building contractors can talk a good game but as time wears on, the proof of their work

shows through. Leaks, discoloration and structural weaknesses are the results of corner cutting;

quality sacrificed in the name of expediency and cost. 

Kevin, KBC’s President, is only satisfied to put his name on a project as complete when the customer is satisfied. 


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